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Execution only   More and more of your clients (consumers and brokers) are demanding access to your products online.  Initially, this was to view your products, but now with competitors doing this, your clients want to get quotes and purchase policies online.  We have taken this a step further and now your clients could even purchase very complex insurance policies online.  Even the payments via BACs, Direct Debit or Card Payment can be collected online.
Automation   Our systems allow your clients to obtain quotes and purchase complex policies where the statement of fact, policy schedules and policy documents etc are automatically produced, sent and stored electronically without the need for the client to talk to anyone.
Paperless   Documents are automatically produced, and if there are any issues to resolve, then the system is clever enough to refer the quotation to HQ.  Any documents that get produced are sent electronically by email or the client could download the documents.  This saves you the cost of postage, printing and staff time in not manually having to produce these documents.  The system then electronically tags and stores all of these documents for compliance and audit purposes.
Third party integration   We have successully integrated our rating engine technology to all four of the major price comparision sites and many smaller ones including Money Supermarket, Compare the Market, Confused.com and Go Compare.  This means that we can do the same for your products if you require this service.
Security   Our back office software is completely separate to the website and we use secure web services APIs to connect the two together.  We do this for security reasons.  If you would like to know more about all of our security features then please contact us.  Security planning is just as important as everything else, we take data security very seriously.
Rating engine technology   Our rating engine technology allows all of the above to take place.  The rating engine APIs allows for incredibly complex insurance policies to be automated.  The rates can then be applied to price comparisions (if required), your website and back office system.  This means that you have one rating engine across all of your platforms.

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