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Key facts system

Quickly Generate   The key facts documents and other regulated documents can take some companies a lot of time to produce.  With our solutions as long as you or your brokers (internal or external) enter in the correct information then they can generate a key facts document in a few minutes.
Product Flexibility   The key facts generator currently is able to handle a wide range of lender product types including interest only, capital and repayment, rolled up loans, capped, fixed, differed, fixed to variable. Or even more advanced products like capped to fixed and then tracked at the bank based rate.  It also handles advanced APR calculations.
Select from lender or broker   The system can also handle KFI's from a lenders direct business or an external brokers business.
Tailored   We can further tailor the regulation modules so that you could add on a truly unique product offering. 
Calculates real APR, and Price per pound borrowed etc   If you need to calculate based on a scenario such as ‘what if interest rates increase by 1%’ or use an online APR calculator; we have found that in most systems this calculations are wrong.  This is because the APR calculation is not a single calculation, it's multiple calculations that are used to get to the final answer.  Also, if your product changes part way though the loan, then this also has an effect on the APR; for example, if you charge interest monthly, or daily monthly or annually monthly, then this effects the APR.  The same applies with the cost per amount borrowed. 
Audit   Each time a regulated document is produced our system stores this electronically.  If you have produced multiple documents i.e. multiple KFIs for different products, then the system also records all of this information.

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